Degoo cloud storage review

Degoo Cloud Storage Review

The use of computer and other online devices are increasing day by day. Everyone got addicted to these Digital devices. People want to keep their precious memories safe, but on smartphones and laptops, we can use limited space for our photos and other vital documents. A secure cloud storage service provider can solve these problems. In this post of Degoo Cloud Storage Review, we will let you know why Degoo is the best and reliable cloud storage service.

Degoo Cloud storage review

Degoo Cloud Storage Review 2019

Degoo remains comparatively new in the internet backup business but it’s already gained popularity as a result of its generous supply of 100 GB  free cloud storage. The agency intends to carry on giants such as Dropbox along with Google Drive, providing a service that’s secure, user-friendly and efficient. We’ll find if Degoo can take the lead and be the very best choice for customers that wish to keep their information safe from the cloud. In this Degoo Cloud Storage review, we will teach you how to get more than 100 GB of free cloud storage in Degoo cloud services. The Degoo android app has more than 10 Million users. If you are considering to make an account, this review will help you a lot.Degoo cloud storage review

Degoo cloud storage review:-

1.Automatic Backup: Degoo Cloud Storage
Degoo is a Sweden based company. It offers 24 hours of data backup. Degoo Backup runs automatically every 24 hours. Because of this, your data becomes more secure and comfortable to retrieve.

2.AES 256 BIT Encryption: Degoo uses  Google and Amazon data storage center to minimize the risk of data loss. Because of you’re data stored in multiple locations data center your data becomes more secure and retrievable. In Degoo your data is secured by AES 256 bit encryption. This encryption is used government to protect its documents.AES encryption means your information is safe by any hacking and viruses. If you want to make your data more than you can upgrade to the pro version, in Degoo Premium, you will get a premium feature of Top secret or Zero knowledge storage options. It is more secure than AES Encryption.

3.Desktop Apps: Like other cloud storage Degoo also provide the app. Degoo Desktop apps are available for both Mac and Windows. You can install these apps on your system and easily drag and drop files in Degoo app for storage or backup. Degoo makes your work more comfortable. Download Degoo for windows and mac.

4.Degoo App: Degoo apps are available for both operating system IOS and Android. You can download from the App store and Google playstore for free. Design of Degoo is simple and easy to use. It runs smoothly on any OS.

5.Turbo Mode: This is the newest feature I have ever seen by the cloud storage service provider. What turbo mode does is it will speed up the backup of your files at the expense of system resources. This results in fast back up. Suppose if you want to back up a record of 8 Gb or 10 GB. Thus by enabling this feature the speed up of file backup will increase.

6.TLS: TLS  is known as Transport-Layer Security. This type of encryption prevents data from being intercepted by an unauthorized user and provides a secure web server connection.

Degoo Android App: Degoo Cloud Storage Review

Degoo cloud storage review
Degoo cloud storage also launched its Android app. The Degoo cloud storage android app is straightforward to use. The UI/UX is very clean. Everything you can find easily in this cloud storage app. This app operates smoothly, and the downloading and uploading speed is also good. But downloading and uploading speed of files depends on your internet connection speed. Degoo automatically updates your file also make the backup in every 24 hours.Degoo cloud storage review
The android app for Degoo cloud storage is available on google playstore. You can download it for free. There is also a photograph”optimizer” choice, where all your images are automatically uploaded into Degoo, and then shrunk to match a telephone display.

Degoo Desktop App : Degoo Cloud Storage Review

It’s possible to add many folders to the backup procedure by control-clicking onto them. A checkbox with filenames could have made the process more straightforward, but it is not a vast deal after files have gotten chosen, Degoo will operate the first backup.

The program keeps you informed of just how far along things are, using a standing bar and countdown clock. When you locate Degoo is operating too slowly, clicking”help” near the base of the port will offer a few additional choices. The positioning and toggling of those options are somewhat perplexing.

Degoo Pricing and Features :

Degoo Cloud storage review

The pricing of Degoo is very affordable. There are many plans available in Degoo. You will get 100GB free cloud storage in Degoo.In the ultimate plan, Degoo cloud storage offers 2 TB Cloud space for 9$ (639INR) which is quite affordable. There are more plans available in Degoo, but they are expensive. I think the 2 TB in 9USD is the best plan for most of the users. In both of these plans, you will get features like secure 128 bit AES encryption, instant access,24 hours automatic backup and much more.

Get Up to 500GB Degoo cloud storage free :

You can also earn extra cloud storage space upto 500 GB by doing some simple tasks. Some of the task for earning free cloud space are as follows :
1. You can invite your friends, contacts to join Degoo by a link. You can share this link via Facebook, Whatsapp, and other networks. If your friends join through your link, then you both will earn 3 GB extra cloud storage space.

2.This task you can perform only on Degoo Android App. In this task, the only thing you need to do is watch 20 seconds video ads in Degoo app and earn 1.2 GB cloud storage per day. So this is an easy and fun task.

Degoo cloud storage review

Pros and Cons of Degoo Cloud Storage :

Degoo cloud storage review

It is the rule of nature if there are good things then there will also some bad things. So coming to the point below are the pros and cons from Degoo Cloud Storage Review :
Pros of Degoo Cloud Storage Review :
1. Degoo backed up your data in multiple data centers.
2.AES encryption of your files.AES 128 bit Encryption is the Military level security of your files.
3.Backup(automatic) in every 24 hours.
4. Degoo claims your data will remain secure.
5.Free 100 GB cloud storage. Degoo paid plans are also very affordable.
Cons of Degoo Cloud Storage Review :
1. Some of Degoo Cloud Storage users claim that they lost their data.
2. Customer support in Degoo is not good.
3. Degoo has an automatic backup feature, but you can’t schedule it.

Is Degoo safe?

 Is Degoo safe? Well !! This is a question which we all have in our mind for storing our data in new cloud storage. According to Degoo, they use AES 128 BIT encryption to encrypt our data.AES encryption is considered one of the most secure encryption. So yes your data is secured by Degoo. But if you still worry about your data, then you can upgrade to premium version. You will get some extra feature, and your data will be more secure.

Degoo Vs Dropbox – Which Is More Secure

Degoo clod storage review

Degoo is new in cloud backup service, but Dropbox is a well-known company. But Degoo is giving fierce competition to Dropbox because of their free 100gb cloud storage more users are attracting towards Degoo. Dropbox also provides but free storage but is only 2GB. The focus of Degoo cloud storage is for backup. In Dropbox, you cant store of pictures and videos. Dropbox focuses more on synchronization and File sharing. It’s possible to choose to copy as many folders as you would like and you are not required to utilize a specific folder to your backup. You may also wish to copy your entire hard disk!

Using Dropbox, you have to transfer all of your stuff that you would like to sync or talk to some particular”Dropbox folder.”Data compression in Degoo is more efficient as compared to Dropbox due to this Dedoo cloud storage use less bandwidth. These are some highlighted points of Degoo v dropbox in Degoo cloud storage review :

1.100 GB* Storage Free storage Dropbox you will get only 2 GB Free Storage

2.Degoo cloud storage is Focused on Backup wheraeas Dropbox is focused on syncing and file sharing.

3.You can select many folders & Backup your entire hard drive in Degoo but in Drop box you can move data in specific Dropbox folder.

4.Data compression{Low bandwidth usage}is available in Degoo cloud storage desktop app and Android app as well but in Dropbox no such option is available.

5.Lot of people considers Degoo for storing photos and videos but people Dropbox for sharing files with a colleagues.

By this comparison, you can quickly determine which is the best cloud storage for you. In my point of view if you want to store pics, videos and other documents which you dont want to lose then you can go with Degoo cloud storage. Dropbox will be best if you share too many files with colleagues. You can also upgrade to the premium version of Dropbox for more space.

Degoo Cloud Storage Alternative :

There is a lot of cloud storage available. Some of these are as follows :

1.Mega NZ: Mega NZ is a well-known name in the cloud storage industry. Mega NZ secures your data by an end to end encryption. In Mega Nz, you will also get 50 GB free storage, but it got vanished 30 days. So it is better to use that storage before 30 days.

2.Google Drive: Google drive is also the best storage. In Google Drive, you will get 15 GB of free storage. You can upgrade it later according to your need.

3.Dropbox: Dropbox offers only 2GB free storage. You should read a detailed comparison of Dropbox vs. Degoo above.

These are some alternative of Degoo, but I think if you read the complete post of Degoo cloud storage review then you will know why Degoo is good.

Conclusion :

Degoo mobile experience is good as compared to desktop. You can give it a chance for storing some of your files because of 100GB free cloud storage. Degoo also uses low processor power so that it won’t affect your phone’s battery. Even the plans of Degoo cloud storage are cheap as compare to other cloud storage providers.

If you want to try new cloud storage without spending money, then you can go with Degoo. You will get 100GB  free storage, and this is a lot of space for backup and storing data. In my point of view, you should try Degoo.

Thank you for reading my article about Degoo cloud storage review. I hope you get a detailed analysis of Degoo cloud storage. If you have any other queries about Degoo feel free to comment. I’ll be glad to help you.

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