How To Start Dropshipping Business from home In India

How To Start Drop shipping Business From Home In India?

How to start Drop shipping Business from home in India

As the people are connecting more in the Digital world the trend of business is also is changing. In old times people used to open the offline store, but now people prefer online stores. In this Digital world, you can even start your online store. Drop shipping will help you to earn the right amount of money if you do it correctly. In this post, you will get knowledge about How To Start Drop shipping Business From Home In India but first of all you need to know about Drop shipping Business. So let’s start learning about How to start Drop shipping business from home in India :

What is Dropshipping?

Drop shipping is the purest form of e-commerce, drop shipping lets you set up a storefront and take the customers’ money. The rest is up to your supplier. You don’t have to manage inventory, warehousing stock, or dealing with packaging, but there’s a significant caveat.

If your sellers are slow, product quality is lower than expected, or there are problems with the order, it’s on your head (and in your reviews).

How To Start Drop shipping Business From Home In India?

Eight steps guide about How to start Drop shipping Business from home in India. Drop shipping business is easy but to get success in this business is depends on your passion.

Step 1: Branding

Select a catchy name for the store. There is a number of tools available online by which you will generate many brand names. Use Shopify business name generator for brand name.

Step 2: Domain Name

Check domain availability of your Domain name. If your brand name is available then register it. The domain name will also make a good impact on your Drop shipping business.

Step 3: Niche store or General store

Decide whether you want to start a niche product store or a general store. In a niche store, you can only sell niche products. Like if you select a niche for example sports, then you can sell products related to sports. But if you want to start a dropshipping general store, then you can sell any product. If you are new and doesn’t have any experience in Drop Shipping then should go with a full product store. It will be easy to test which product is more in demand. By this method, you can efficiently manage your sells and products.

Step 4: Find a niche.

You should be focused on niche and have an interest in your niche product. If you don’t have an interest in your product, then it would be complicated to market it. Select a niche in which you passionate.

Step 5: Choose your platform

In this E-commerce business, there are a lot of platforms are available. You can set up your online store or sell or popular E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart. For creating your online store, Shopify is the best option. They will manage everything the only thing you have to do is to pay a monthly fee. Shopify India has an outstanding customer support.90% Drop shipping stores are running on Shopify.

Step 6: Find a supplier.

For a noob, who is going to start a drop shipping business. Selecting the correct supplier is essential. Doing business with the incorrect supplier can ruin your business; therefore it’s necessary you never rush this measure. Conduct appropriate due diligence. Most drop shipping suppliers which can be beneficial for Indian companies are located abroad (mostly China). Alibaba has turned into on the list of most significant online applications to identify and communicate with potential manufacturers and suppliers. Be sure you ask plenty of questions to find out precisely what their production capabilities come in the case that your business grows exponentially.

Step 7: Promotion

In this digital world, Digital Marketing is the solution to promote your business. Do not ignore the importance of using digital marketing to cultivate your customer base. This may be accomplished by running targeted adverts on Facebook & Instagram, using search engine optimisation to optimise for specific keywords on search engines like Google and also a lot more growth hacking tactics you may utilise.

Step 8: Customer Reviews

Take customer feedback seriously. A bad review can affect your business a lot. So take care of your customers.
The above steps are the Steps for How to start Drop shipping Business from home in India.

How Drop shipping Works?

How To Start Dropshipping business from home in india

Drop shipping follows a simple supply chain. The purchaser requests a product from the store. You might have a brick-and-mortar store in which you have sample items for display or product catalogues for customers to pick from. Or, you could reach more people by having an e-commerce website where your customers can order products. The customer pays for the order he places with you. Then you forward the order details, manually or automatically, to the provider.

Ideally, this supplier has to be a manufacturer or a wholesaler so you can earn a fantastic profit on the difference between the retail price and the price that you buy it from the supplier. The wholesaler fees you for the product, and ships the product directly to the customer. However, the shipment would bear your logo, rather than the suppliers. Therefore, the drop shipper is not known to the customer. In India, Dropshipping is still a new trend. We are providing you with the full guide of How to start Drop shipping business in India.
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Best Drop Shipping Tools: For Drop Shipping Business

How to start dropshipping business from home in india

Shopify India: Shopify India is an E-commerce platform which let start your online store. Mostly Shopify is used for Drop shipping business. Shopify Dropshipping India is the best websites for Indians who want to start the E-commerce business in India or looking for How to start e-commerce business in India.

Oberlo: You should use Oberlo India. It is the best marketplace for finding products for an E-commerce store. By Oberlo India you can discover the colossal variety of products in just a few clicks.

Aliexpress: Aliexpress is the most popular marketplace for entrepreneurs who are running Dropshipping Business. It is a China-based company. The best part of Aliexpress directly shipped the product from their warehouse to the customer. Always choose products which have shown E-packet. Aliexpress dropshipping India is the best app available in Google playstore. If you want to explore more you can visit their parent website Alibaba Dropshipping.

Commerce Inspector Extension: By using this chrome extension you can quickly get details of any E-commerce store you visit. Commerce inspector will give you details of other stores like what theme they are using, which product they recently added etc. This is the must-have extension for Drop Shippers.

These tools are handy for Drop shipping and help you a lot for starting Drop shipping business from home in India.

Best Dropshipping companies :

These are some of the best Dropshipping companies which should consider products before starting to drop shipping in India. These big names are also considered as the Wholesale drop shippers in India.

DOBA: DOBA is a famous drop shipping company. It provides you with a complete directory of manufacturers and wholesalers.Doba is an excellent platform in which you merely add products without partnering with multiple drop shippers. With Doba, you can list the product on your site and start selling.DOBA plans starts from 29$ per month.

Sunrise Wholesale: Sunrise Wholesale ships product directly to the customers. You will get access to 15000 brand products. You can export products images, description to your website.

Aliexpress: Aliexpress is the best marketplace for e-commerce entrepreneurs who are using Drop shipping business model.Best thing of Aliexpress India once you get the order on your website, then they shipped directly from their warehouse to the customer. You should go with Alliexpress Dropshipping India if you want to start dropshipping business in India. Also, Aliexpress India and Oberlo are free dropshipping websites in India.
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Legal formalities required for How to start Drop shipping business from home in India :

1.GST number: Even if you are beginning Drop Shipping business from home GST number is the most important things to start a business. Without GST number you can’t begin Dropshipping. Apply for a GST number before starting an online store.

2.A Paypal business account: Second thing you will need is a Paypal business account. It will only take 5 minutes to create a new Paypal business account.

3.A current account: A current is also necessary to start a business so make sure you have a new current account.

4.Import/export code[IEC]: Import/export code is required for the persons who are exporting goods and services from India. For more details, you can visit their official website of Direct general of foreign trade.

These are the steps of How to start Drop Shipping Business from home in India. These are the mandatory things which you must keep in mind for dropshipping in India.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Drop shipping Business:

How to start Drop shipping Business from home in India

Yes, It is not an easy start for the drop shipping business. Drop shipping depends on your patience.95% Drop shipping stores won’t even make any sale in 6 months, and they quit their Drop shipping Business. But be passionate don’t lose hope work hard, and once you successfully manage your business, then you can easily earn money by Dropshipping.

Here are some Pros of How to start Drop shipping business from home in India:

(1) Low Capital: Less Capital is necessary; you don’t have to hold a great deal of cash to prepare your company.
(2) Easy Start: No cost, simple to get started whenever you’re ready.
(3) Any Location: Location Independence&Wider Product Choice.
(4) Easy Transportation: No transport &You buy wholesale and sell retail stores.
(5) Products: Plenty of providers and new products for selecting.

Cons of Drop shipping Business How to start Drop shipping business from home in India :

(1) Low Margin: Low allowance for merchandise.
(2) Quality: Lost management of product quality, dispatch issue, stock &price from the provider.
(3) Competition: Competition with many different online retailers.

Is Dropshipping profitable in India ?

Is Dropshipping profitable in India? Yes of course , Dropshipping in India is very profitable if you to do it in correct way.It doesnot depends on the location but it depends on your skills, the niche you have choosen and the time you spend on it. You can search stores like electronic dropshippers in India, apparel dropshippers in India, wholesale dropshippers in India etc.

For more positive results you can use paid as well as free tools for Drop shipping store. I would recommend you to use Shopmaster. This tool is useful for Dropshipping. By this tool, you can efficiently manage your store. Essential features of Shopmaster are importing products, monitoring orders and much more. This tool is free forever, but if this tool is helpful for you, then you upgrade it later.

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Now, you got the full guide of How to start Drop shipping business from home in India. Wish you best of luck For you Future entrepreneurship.
I hope you got some idea about How to start Drop shipping Business from home in India. If you have any issue on starting a drop shipping business, then feel free to comment below.
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